Blush Pink Tarkio River Lodge Wedding
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Blush Pink Tarkio River Lodge Wedding

 I recently updated my business name, branding and am still in the middle of updating my website...I knew that a complete redo of my blog would be necessary.  I'm not completely sure what that looks like yet, as I'm not the greatest blogger in the world...but I knew that I wanted my very first post to be special. It just so happens that two of our closest friends celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary this weekend (technically it was yesterday...but I'm considering it their "anniversary weekend".  Lol.)  And I can't think of anything more special than celebrating these two!  Josh and Grant met at Best Buy (where so many of our friendships have begun) and we all became fast friends.  We spent countless evenings & weekends cooking dinner & having drinks, going to our favorite local breweries, and just living life together!  It was so exciting when Grant proposed, and we couldn't wait for the big day!  Meagan asked me to be her matron of honor, and Grant asked Josh to be a groomsman...but we wanted to photograph the wedding as well.  So, we set out to make it work!  Since my second shooter would be walking with me down the aisle, we found a third shooter for just the ceremony!  We did as many of the photographs as we could before the ceremony, and mastered using the tripod, posing while leaving a space for ourselves, ...

New Site Coming Soon!
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New website & blog coming soon!!